Carl Bernstein charges Clinton with “Nixonian” moves

I’m no Hillary fan, but I really don’t liken her refusal to release the transcripts of her Wall Street speeches to Nixon’s crimes and cover-ups:

There is a huge story going on. I spent part of this weekend talking to people in the White House. They are horrified at how Hillary Clinton is blowing up her own campaign . . .  Well, they are horrified that the whole business of the transcripts, the accepting the money, that she could blow the Democrats’ chance for the White House. They want her to win. Obama wants her to win. But Sanders has shown how vulnerable she is. These ethical lapses have tied the White House up in knots. They don’t know what to do. They’re beside themselves. And now you’ve got a situation with these transcripts a little bit like Richard Nixon and his tapes he stonewalled on and wouldn’t release.


Bernstein Finds White House ‘Terrified’ Clinton ‘Blowing Up Own Campaign,’ Invokes Nixon

Appearing as a guest on Saturday’s CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow, CNN political commentator Carl Bernstein declared that, after spending time talking to the White House about Hillary Clinton’s paid speeches to Goldman-Sachs, that they are “horrified” that Clinton is “blowing up her own campaign,” and invoked President Richard Nixon’s tapes as possibly comparable to the transcripts of her speeches.

I will agree, though, that she’s largely been a victim of her own awkward, tone-deaf responses to legitimate questions about her ties with Wall Street in the face of her new populist tone.

She’s an elitist, surrounded by people who lobbied against Obamacare and against Dodd-Frank – but Nixon?  A bit of a reach, there.


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