Bernie wins the Time 100 Reader Poll, beating Clinton 3-1, and the media sleeps

Time’s headline blared, “Bernie Sanders Wins Time 100 Reader Poll:  He gets more than three times as many votes as Hillary Clinton.”  As Time reported,

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has won the TIME 100 reader poll, topping not only his rival Hillary Clinton but also a host of world leaders and cultural figures for who TIME readers think should appear on our annual list of the most influential people in the world . . . Sanders finished with 3.3% of the total “yes” votes when the poll closed at midnight on Thursday . . . Clinton, Sanders’ opponent for the Democratic nomination, finished with 1% of the yes votes.

Bernie beat both President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift, to name a few.  On a lark, I Googled this tonight:  “Bernie Sanders wins Time 100 Reader Poll.”  The Revelist, RT and the Indian Express were highly interested in this victory, and reported on it.  HuffPo, CNN, MSNBC, or any of the other mainstream media sites – not so much.

They wonder why we are revolting.  They wonder why we’re disgusted and fed up with the Democratic establishment and the mainstream media.  They wonder why Bernie Sanders is drawing crowds of 27,000-plus to his rallies while Clinton struggles to draw 1,000.  They wonder why.

The Democrat establishment and mainstream media boosted a copy of the Republican Playbook (and, for that matter, Clinton’s 2008 playbook against then-candidate Obama) and they’re running it step by step:  Disregard the opponent, discredit the opponent, pretend the good doesn’t exist and make shit up to make him look bad, and never, ever let them see you praising him.  The way the Republicans have treated President Obama for the past eight years is exactly the way the Clinton Camp and the DNC and the mainstream media is treating Bernie Sanders today.  The Clinton Camp has gone so far as to run ads against Trump, as though she’s already the nominee and he’s her opponent.  Focusing on the policy issues is fine and dandy (after all, that’s what journalists are supposed to do), but for the media to actively undermine Bernie Sanders time and again is enough to make us all become anarchists.  The pundits comment on his huge rallies with the gloom-and-doom scenario that it’s “game over” for him and this is just his swan song; Clinton holds an event for 20 people and it gets top billing.  Her best day has been a crowd of around 1,000, and the current sour-grapes theme coming out of mainstream media seems to be that Clinton could have huge rallies if she wanted to, but she just prefers them smaller.

We’re still in a primary and the successes of Bernie Sanders should matter to CNN as much as it does to,,, and to us here at the Meltdown.  A new Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Sanders taking a slight lead over Clinton nationally; his rally in New York was insanely crazy huge; his millions of supporters gather to hear him speak, full of energy, optimism and faith; Bernie’s favorable ratings are net positive, while Clinton’s are net negative.  And yet the media not only ignores him, it goes one further, propping up the Clinton camp by jumping on every non-story her campaign gins up and running with it.

The revolution may not be televised, but thanks to millions of bloggers, ralliers and passionate activists, it’s gonna happen anyway.



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