Joan Baez Is Feeling The Bern, Calls Trump Supporters Troglodytes


Joan Baez, who is one of my favorites has thrown her support behind Bernie. She had this to say about him.

“I seldom do this, but I’m really casting my lot with Bernie Sanders,” Baez said. “I also think young people are supporting him. Young people are not paying attention to what goes on in the media, but kids are donating to his campaign once a month or once a week.”

The only other candidate she has ever endorsed is President Obama.

In 2008, Baez made her first-ever endorsement for the U.S. presidency, calling Obama the country’s best hope to “navigate the contaminated waters of Washington, lift up the poor, and appeal to the rich to share their wealth.” But his tenure in the Oval Office has proved disappointing, she said.

“Some amazing stuff happened when Obama was running,” Baez said. “His charisma, his intelligence … Then he suffered some seismic thing. By being so careful, by being so patient, he was not able to do that much.”

Although she realizes Sanders could end up in the same situation — hampered by parties, politics and the realities of life at the White House — Baez said he offers a refreshing antidote to politics as usual. 

“I like that he’s a grumpy old Jewish guy with no hair,” Baez said. “I like something about his attitude, that he’s not careful. … If Hillary (Clinton) is nominated, I will vote for her. She’s a friend. But I think Sanders speaks to the human condition.”

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Joan Baez calls Donald Trump supporters ‘troglodytes,’ says Bernie Sanders ‘speaks to the human condition’

Joan Baez didn’t mince words. In an interview with, the iconic folk singer – a liberal activist and longtime advocate for social justice – blasted Donald Trump, his followers and his presidential campaign. “I think there isn’t anybody, any intelligent person, who isn’t shocked and surprised and appalled,” Baez said, when asked for her views on this election year.


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