Online polls show Bernie won debate in landslide, which means the media will hand the win to Clinton

Clinton has a bird

You know, authenticity actually DOES matter

Well, the Brooklyn debate went as planned:  Sanders started berning about halfway through, and Clinton was off her game for the duration after Dana Bash asked about her Wall Street speech transcripts.  At the end of the night, Bernie had Clinton back on her heels:  She didn’t fare well against him on Wall Street and who would better regulate it, she tanked on fracking, maintained steadily pursed lips during the discussion of Libya and Syria and her hawkish interventionism bent, was clearly defensive when he challenged her on her new claim to be all in on $15 an hour minimum wage, and couldn’t for the life of her answer a straight question about her even newer claim to kinda maybe sorta be in favor of lifting the cap on Social Security and expanding it for 58 years.  She clearly didn’t see his polished foreign policy responses coming, and obviously underestimated his willingness to go for the jugular when she lied.  It’s not a good look for Clinton when she’s backed into a corner, pissed, and defensive.  Her sharp, “It’s not a laughing matter” to Bernie made me (and probably a lot of others) automatically cry out, “Yes mom.”

84% of those polled by Time said Bernie Sanders won.  84% of those polled by said Bernie Sanders won.  The poll conducted by had Bernie with 3.3K and Clinton with 443 votes. online poll has Bernie at 91% and Clinton at 17%.  Which mean CNN – the Clinton News Network – and the pundit class will definitively say she nailed it (based on the HuffPo headlines, it’s started already).

Clinton started out pretty strong, actually – I mean, yeah, I throw up in my mouth a little writing this, but it’s true.  For a minute I was a little nervous.  Then (thank you Dana Bash!) came the Wall Street speech transcript question (why won’t you release them if there’s nothing in them that’s, you know, bad?), and Clinton sang the same old tune of “when everybody else does,” got defensive, couldn’t get out of the corner, and from then on she pretty much got pummeled.  Bernie Sanders is who he is:  He stays on message, he has core issues that he’s passionate and knowledgeable about, he’s the guy on a mission.  She’s the party pooper who says the kids can only have a tiny slice of cake and no pop because of all the sugar, the one who has the most amazing gift of dancing the sidestep, but who, tonight, was called out pretty much every time on her outright lies and misrepresentations by the CNN crew and by Bernie.  He didn’t cave on his position on Sandy Hook parents’ lawsuit, which is an unpopular position; he didn’t cave on his position on Israel and Palestine; he didn’t unilaterally agree to endorse President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee if elected.  Bernie doesn’t know how to sweet-talk political style.  It is what it is, and millions of us find it utterly refreshing.

Of course, when things got a little hot Clinton threw Bill under the bus on the ’94 crime bill (yeah, maybe I was for it for a minute, but after all, he was the President of the United States!), then threw President Obama under the bus on Libya (yeah, maybe I had a little hand in the regime change thingy, but he was the President of the United States and made the final decision).  I had an idle thought that maybe Bernie should let her walk off stage first, because who knows what she was hiding under that white coat thing she was wearing, and that place between Bernie’s shoulder blades, at the end of the night, must have looked pretty tempting.  No, this woman would throw her husband, the President, her daughter, grandchild, mother and anyone else under the bus and worry about the tire marks later to win this thing.  And you think she’s going to support YOU?

Clinton is about “I,” and Bernie can’t stop saying “we.”  When the political winds shift, so do her policy positions.  Has she been back to Flint since she lost Michigan?  If she really supported Verizon workers she’d give Verizon back it’s big Super PAC money.  Come on, if you’re only promising half a loaf during a primary season, you ain’t doing shit once you’re elected.

This is so so seriously a no-brainer.  If Clinton wants party unity, I have a great idea:  SHE can drop out.


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