Shut up, CNN – Bernie Sanders does have a path to the nomination going forward (Video)

April statesGotta give it to whoever this MSNBC guy is (rarely watch it) – he was trying valiantly to get Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, to say that Bernie would lose his path to the nomination long before the convention.  But it’s official – Bernie Sanders is taking it all the way to the convention.  Pledged delegates, popular vote – sure, they matter, but what should matter more to the DNC at the convention is which candidate can beat the Republican nominee.  Bernie Sanders in polls everywhere comes out ahead of any Republican; Bernie Sanders is tied or ahead of Clinton in national polls; and Bernie Sanders has the ability to bring in millions of young, engaged voters, along with seasoned, political watchers like me, that at this moment will never support Hillary Clinton.

Watch Weaver explain Bernie’s path:

Sanders campaign undaunted by NY loss, will fight to the end

Jeff Weaver, Sanders campaign manager, shows Steve Kornacki exactly where the campaign sees a path to winning the Democratic nomination, and how they hope to convert Democratic super-delegates to their side ahead of the party’s national convention.


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